Our Hearts are Restless

I remember being in a class once and the topic of discussion for the class that day was sleep. The professor went on to ask the class “ How many of you fall asleep instantly, like once your head hits the pillow you are out, you don’t even remember falling asleep?” I proudly raised my hand high as well as several others, because I thought it was such a good thing, going to sleep instantly. He went on to inform us all, especially those of us that had our hands up, that that was bad,  it meant that we were not getting enough rest.

We all know that feeling, the feeling of pure exhaustion, we feel like zombies just dragging our feet, with one thought in mind, bed, we just crave that rest. The fluffy pillow we can rest our head down on after a long day and for the first time that day, just be.

How many of us do that? How many of us rest? How many of us just be? We are always so busy, we schedule things in our day that fill up every hour. We rush around to get things done, because for some reason there is always something that needs to be done, or we over commit ourselves to things.We are literally always on the move, always on to the next thing after one task is done.

But God calls us to rest. In fact God rested, He rested on the 7th day, and we are called to be Christ like, so we are called to rest. Christ rested. After every “major” miracle, Christ rested. For example, after the miracle of the loaves and fishes, what did Christ do? He went away from the crowd and took time to rest, actually he took time to rest in the Lord, to pray.

When we rest, we should rest in the Lord. What do I mean by this? I mean find some time to sit in silence with the Lord, to just be. I heard a quote once that said If you are too busy to pray than you are busier than I (God) ever intended you to be. That quote, to this day, still strikes a chord in me. I believe that sometimes we try to justify to ourselves, even to God, as to why we are so busy, especially if we fill up our days with good deeds, or great acts of kindness. “ Yes Lord I know that I am so busy but hey, at least I helped that homeless man, or I took the time to listen to a sister in need.” Did you know that St. Mother Teresa prayed an hour a day before going out and doing work, once she was approached by one of her nuns and she told Mother that if they cut our time in pray in half, pray 30 mins instead of an hour, they could get more work done, get to the people sooner. Mother Theresa told the young nun, she was right, so she changed it to two hours of silent prayer before going out to work instead of one. Why? Because  St. Mother Teresa knew where her strength came from, she knew where her rest lied.

Now I know many of us aren’t like the Missionaries of Charity, we aren’t constantly helping out the poor and our everyday lives are different person to person. But what I am saying is that amidst those busy days, are we taking time to rest in the Lord, to be with Him? I remember times in college where I would make excuses as to why I couldn’t pray for a least an hour, heck spare even 10 mins. I had a major exam coming up that I had to spend all my time studying for, I promised so and so that I would grab dinner with them or hang out with them, I had to get my homework done or clean, anything that prevented me from just being still for a moment, just excuse after excuse. I didn’t have time to rest or be, I was too busy. I reflect back on it now and I think to myself, I made all those things in my life, I made them my God, because essentially what I was doing was telling God that all these things were more important than time spent with Him. When I came to this realization it broke my heart, my God who gave up everything up for me, to the point of dying on a cross, and still continues to pursue me everyday, was not worth my time, was not worth risking a grade over or an episode of Grey’s. God longs that we rest in Him, that we come before Him and allow Him to love us. Do we allow this? Allow him to cherish His creation? What things do we place before God, even today?

I have been blessed to have hiked some beautiful trails, seen breathtaking art pieces, beautiful dances and plays. However, I believe the most beautiful thing in the entire world is the silence I experience when kneeling before the monstrance. In gazing up at the Lord in Holy adoration, no site or song or art piece has ever captured or stirred my heart than this. And I will admit, there are plenty of times where I take this breathtaking beauty, this moment of a literal miracle right before my eyes, for granted. But when I pray and ask the Lord to settle my heart, ask the spirit to help me to just be, those moments are indescribable.    

God tells us, Come all you who labor and are weary for I will give you rest. Literally the Lord wants to give us comfort, wants to rejuvenate us. My challenge to us my fellow struggling saints as we continue on with our week, our day, is to seek out quiet time with the Lord. Let us sit before the Lord in the tabernacle, in the silence of a church, and allow Him to love and cherish, even if it is only for 10 minutes. Let us just be with the Lord.


“Our hearts are restless until they rest in you”- St. Augustinepexels-photo-226345


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