I Thirst

I have gone back and forth as to what to write about this week. Should I write about patience? Or maybe spiritual desolation and consolation? Maybe even charity. But as I sit here trying various ways to start each of those topics, I can’t. Instead, something even greater has been placed on my heart. I … More I Thirst

Happy Birthday!

This past Monday was my birthday. Yaayy! * throw confetti and blow the sound makers! Get excited! Right? Aren’t we supposed to be happy on our birthday’s? Another year has gone by that we have lived. But for me, I don’t like birthday’s, I do not like getting older. How foolish am I? Ever since … More Happy Birthday!

What is Love?

“What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more * Cue side head bob” And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head all day, I’m sorry! Anyways, I think a real question has been posed in the that small one line lyric: What is love?  Less than 24 hours ago … More What is Love?

The Modesty Question

“And remember ladies, Modest is Hottest” I must admit, I really hate this phrase. When a female speaker says this phrase to me I immediately shut them out and just ignore everything they say after; they have lost all credibility with me. I think it’s because all the modesty talks I have heard growing up … More The Modesty Question